Mobile phone battery safety problem is the focus of the current users, especially Samsung NOTE7 battery explosion after the incident, it is occupied the major scientific and technological news headlines. So why is the cell phone battery exploding? Through the following cell phone battery natural or even the reasons for the explosion, you will have a clear understanding.

Cell phone battery

Cell phone battery occurs naturally or even the reasons for the explosion First, the external short circuit

Lithium battery external short circuit, due to the external load is too low, the battery instantaneous large current discharge in the internal resistance to consume a lot of energy, resulting in huge heat; lithium battery contains decomposition voltage greater than 2V organic electrolyte, in high current, high temperature conditions Will be electrolytic, electrolysis produce gas, resulting in internal pressure increases, will seriously break through the shell.At the same time in the case of high voltage, the positive lithium oxide oxidation reaction occurs, precipitation of metal lithium, the gas caused by the case of shell rupture , Direct contact with the air, resulting in burning, while igniting the electrolyte, a strong flame, the rapid expansion of gas, the explosion

Cell phone battery natural or even the reasons for the explosion Second, the internal short circuit

Usually the internal short-circuit battery is very small, because from the past to the present, mobile phone battery design and manufacturing technology has been very perfect, if this happens only two:

(A) unauthorized dismantling the battery: unauthorized dismantling the battery, do not pay attention to easily lead to short circuit.

(B) battery manufacturing: the battery design and manufacturing process, the quality control, but off, resulting in the use of the battery inside the damage, it is very easy to use a good phone, even in the pocket quietly stood, but happened Explosion or spontaneous combustion.

Cell phone battery natural or even the reasons for the explosion Third, the use of improper

In the process of using the phone, it may be easy to find the phone during the charging process, the battery will be serious heat, that is, in the charging process, the cell phone battery in the discharge, this process is likely to cause the input voltage instability, electric shock , Or the battery heat to a certain extent will produce spontaneous combustion. In normal use, the phone broken, water, etc., will cause the battery short circuit.

Cell phone battery natural or even the reasons for the explosion Third, excessive discharge

In the over discharge to less than 1V, the cathode surface will precipitate copper, resulting in internal short circuit, in the case of overcurrent, the battery temperature is also easy to rise, so that the battery performance deteriorated or even damaged.

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