As the iphone 6 battery can not be uninstalled design, therefore, the iphone 6 battery charging and maintenance is particularly important. However, the user in daily use, some wrong charging methods tend to damage the battery life of the iphone 6, therefore, to correct the job. The following specific knowledge about the user to the iphone 6 battery charging will make what mistakes?

Damage iphone 6 battery five kinds of error charging, you please be used with caution

1, using the computer USB interface for mobile phone charging

Due to restrictions on the charging environment, most of the office environment, the lack of charging conditions, so many people use the iPhone 6 to connect the computer USB hole way to charge the phone, not knowing that the way cell phone battery is extremely unfavorable; computer USB interface current is generally less than 500mA, so the charging time is longer, and the power supply mechanism of the computer motherboard is not perfect, many times connected to the computer USB interface may also be unstable because of the current can not be a stable battery charging, which damage the battery can be described as worse.

iphone 6 battery

2, the phone as the poor heat of the environment to charge

Many people are accustomed to the phone on the bed, sofa, excellent thermal environment, poor location charging, not knowing that such a charging method will cause the accumulation of heat, so that the body hot, fever, which can be described as cell phone battery lethality The biggest factor; because the phone can only rely on the body itself to achieve heat, so the phone charge, the phone should be placed in a better cooling environment.

3, the use of low power charger

Some small mobile phone accessories manufacturers in order to save costs and produce unprotected chips of poor quality charger, these chargers not only unstable power, and the resulting current is too large, long-term use but will lead to damage to Apple's mobile phone, with a standard charge Device allows Apple's mobile phone battery to maintain a better state, the use of more durable.

4, using the clip clip power supply

With the diversification of mobile phone charging, clip clip power charging has gradually entered the public view, and for iPhone 6 users, this clip power can be described as harmful, insert clip power, the lithium battery is almost always in Charging state, and poor performance of the heat, as long as the charging time is higher than 15 minutes, when the phone will obviously feel the phone in the hot, which is undoubtedly undesirable.

5, while playing the phone while charging

Due to mobile phone internal space constraints in the cooling and other functions are not done well, the most common is to play while charging the phone side of the case, the battery and processor heat will be distributed rapidly stack, which will not only damage Batteries, will cause irreparable damage to internal components, resulting in slow operation and so on.

Through the iphone 6 battery is easy to damage the five error methods, I believe you are aware of the user at the moment. Therefore, for yourself, if you have the above similar behavior, then please correct from now on Caixing.