Iphone does not support fast charge technology, but would like to use fast charger to charge the iphone will not speed up the charging speed? In addition, will not damage to the iphone battery? The following description will give you the answer.

Regardless of iphone, or Andrews system smart phones, which are used in lithium batteries, lithium battery charging method is limited to constant current, the entire process by the IC chip control.

And each mobile phone equipment in the factory, there will be a series of monitoring mechanism for the current and voltage tolerance, there will be a standard, as long as no more than this standard, it will not have much impact.
Not to mention the principle of fast charging technology, anyway, are in the voltage and current make a fuss. In short, there are many people in the industry have done the test, the conclusion is "fast charger to the ordinary mobile phone charger will not hurt the battery."

Because the fast charge charger will recognize whether the phone supports fast charge, if it is ordinary mobile phone will use the appropriate current and voltage to charge; the same reason, if the phone supports fast charge, the charger does not support, but also in normal mode.

Of course, due to the high-current charger charging, to the ordinary mobile phone charging even when the normal mode, will be faster than the conventional charger, but the charging efficiency can not achieve the effect of fast charging technology.

So, you can rest assured that the use of fast charger to charge the iPhone, the battery no problem, but iphone does not support fast charging technology, so charging efficiency quickly.

Particularly pointed out: Apple mobile phone support iPad agreement, so use the iPad charger to charge the iPhone, the efficiency will be much faster. If the user holding the ipad charger, want iphone charging faster, use the ipad charger to charge it

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