Battery beat this kind of phenomenon is the user in the process of the use of mobile phones, a problem is not uncommon, especially for the user to replacement the phone battery, encountered beat the odds of more battery.Maybe you also know, cell phone batteries bulge is severe, light leads to cell phone open the fuselage, damage the phone;Serious still can cause explosion accidents, etc.Therefore, for mobile phone battery beat this kind of situation, a must.So what is the cause of the cell phone battery bulge?How to prevent?Trying to figure out these questions, I think you can find what you want from this article the answer.

We first to talk about what is the cause of the cell phone battery bulge?

Today's smart phones, whether the iphone series, series of android mobile phone, they adopted is lithium ion battery, and lithium battery after a long time, it's positive and negative lithium child cannot achieve normal proportion, rest repel each other, which will cause the bulge phenomenon.

In addition, the polymer lithium-ion batteries, long time no, through chemical reaction will produce a liquid, can also lead to the battery bulge.

Therefore, for unused mobile phones, also suggest you often open the boot, use, this can be very good avoid mobile phone battery bulge.

As well as your cell phone battery is hurt, such as: when there is external impact of mobile phone batteries, in the process of charging the battery internal will produce a small amount of gas, typically absorbed during discharge.

And one more thing is when the charging current is too large, often overcharge will aggravate gases, make the battery internal pressure increases, resulting in battery ballooning phenomenon.

Here is specifically pointed out the phone battery bulge this kind of situation is inevitable, therefore, the battery produces slight bulge is allowed.

But such bulge is severe, so must pay attention to, change the high quality of the battery is very important.

Here again to tell you how to be more effective to reduce or avoid battery bulge:

1. Try to use the original charger, data line;

2. Decrease the number of used for charging treasure;

3. Avoid using mobile phones in harsh environments;

4. If the phone run out of battery life and need to replace new batteries, also want to choose in a third-party websites with reputation guarantee to buy high quality replacement battery, must not covet is cheap.

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