For some of the small iphone battery failure, such as charging slow, charge no power, and so on, for these small failures, often do not need to replace the new battery, which we can solve their own. Then the following to teach you how to repair some of the common problems iphone battery.

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Repair iphone battery three good ways

First, iphone battery repair method one

Use an eraser or other cleaning tool to wipe the metal contacts on the iphone lithium battery, which facilitates fast charging and battery saving.

Repair principle: After a long period of use of mobile phone batteries, the metal contact surface will be a certain degree of oxidation, hinder the phone and the battery better contact with eraser or other cleaning tools to wipe, the surface of the rust Was removed, making the phone and the battery can be touched better.

Second, iphone battery repair method two

The first step, the first iphone battery to automatically shut down the state; the second step, the battery won, with plastic wrap to tightly wrapped three layers to ensure that the phone battery is in a vacuum state; the third step, the cling film Wrap the battery into the refrigerator for free, the time is 48 hours; the fifth step, after the arrival of the freezing time, the battery to take the battery to the refrigerator, the battery is fully sealed; Out, remove the external package, the phone battery cooling for some time after the use of charging.

Repair principle: the use of mobile phone lithium battery is actually a constant charge and discharge process, in the process, the battery inside the yin and yang charge has been continuous collision. After prolonged use of the battery performance performance degradation occurs, because at room temperature, the battery internal kinetic energy is relatively large, has been in active state, leakage phenomenon is relatively frequent; and the battery into a low temperature environment, will make the lithium battery surface Lithium film, the microstructure of the electrolyte, the interface of a certain degree of change, making the battery from the active state, leakage phenomenon. So the phone lithium battery low temperature placed for some time before use, the standby time and other performance will be significantly improved.

Third, iphone battery repair method three

Using a specific device to connect the phone with the low-voltage light bulb, the battery internal power all transmitted to the bulb, in order to achieve the depth of the mobile phone discharge, the depth of the battery after the battery can be recharged again can have a longer standby time.

Of course, if the user's iphone battery has been destroyed or dead, these small methods are useless, that only replace the new battery.

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