For large-screen mobile phone, the most troublesome thing is that the battery power fast. As the mobile phone battery is currently technically difficult to have much progress, therefore, in order to make their cell phone batteries become more durable, may wish to set up from the phone to start. Then the following on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, for example, to give you a few can make Samsung Galaxy Note 4 battery becomes more durable several methods:

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 battery

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 battery power is too fast five solutions, pro-measurement is absolutely effective

1, turn off the synchronization function of Samsung; operation: enter the settings - Samsung account - turn off synchronization, if necessary, then open.

2, turn off the connection and share all the items under the project, you need to use in the open;

3, auxiliary functions under the unused feature off; reduce the screen off time;

4, the screen brightness adjustment into automatic mode; Setting Method: Settings - Display - Brightness to set

5. Enable power saving mode

Locate the settings on your phone's desktop, find the power saver, and enable power saving. In particular, you want to enable blocking of background data. APP software in the background process, in the standby state and the server interact with data regularly, if the APP software more, basically every few minutes to interact with data, in fact, the data interaction, the user is not necessary, A complete waste of resources within the phone and power.

Well, I have to take their own Samsung Galaxy Note 4 pro-tested, the effect is quite obvious. Therefore, we suggest that you can try!