Iphone quality work can be said to be impeccable, not it is, after all, electronic products, use a long time, it will inevitably occur battery aging, not durable this phenomenon, resulting in accidental shutdown of the phone, seriously affecting their normal use The Then the wrong solution for the iphone accident The best solution is to replacement battery, but the choice of Apple's official replacement of the battery, is undoubtedly the price is very expensive. Therefore, for the purpose of strong users, for economic purposes, it is strongly recommended that you replacement your own iphone battery, which can save a lot of costs, and replacement the iphone battery tutorial there are many Internet, you can follow the tutorial steps Replacement, it is also very simple.

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Then teach you to replace the iphone battery:

1, began to dismantle iphone

As the iPhone is a one-piece design, so we need to open the machine's own hands. It should be noted that the bottom of the iPhone is used by the screws at the end of the screw, so the time to dismantle the phone must use a screwdriver.

4 & 4S model iphone remove the screw after the back cover to push up, and then pick up the rear panel, pay attention to efforts to prevent the plastic buckle fracture.

5 & ​​5S & 6 & SE series iphone unscrew the screw with a pry piece along the edge of the screen slowly knocking on the gap, 5S and SE fingerprint cable near the home key, we must first open the fingerprint cable to continue to disassemble, but also pay attention to dismantling the phone Do not break, disassemble the phone touchID function on the failure.

Replacement iphone battery

5S & SE Fingerprint Cable

Iphone 6S & iphone 7 mobile phone due to the needs of 3Dtouch and waterproof, in the edge of the screen there is a circle of plastic, disassemble before the hair dryer can be used for a little heat after the disassemble.

Replacement iphone battery

IPhone6S & 7 series of waterproof glue

2, remove the screen cable (iphone 4 & iphone 4S users can skip)

IPhone5 above models, this step is not necessary, but in order to more convenient replacement of the battery, it is strongly recommended that no replacement battery experience of the students, the first screen cable removed, otherwise the intensity of control is not easy to get rid of their mobile phone screen The Note that the maximum angle of the screen and the fuselage should not exceed 90 degrees to prevent the cable from being torn. (IPhone7 Plus the screen to remove the direction of the right open)

Then, we need to use a Phillips screwdriver to open the screen cable cover, be sure to remember the location of the cover screw, part of the model screw error easy to cause damage to the motherboard! The The For example, 5S may appear blue screen.

Replacement iphone battery

Open the screen cover

And then with a pry bar to a variety of cable pry open, into this look

Replacement iphone battery

3, open the battery cover

Here to explain, iPhone 4 & 4S & 5 battery cover with the battery is one, remove the screw with a pry bar to pry up the battery cable can be disconnected.

Replacement iphone battery

5S and later models have a different shape of the battery protection cover (attached to the 5S and 6 on behalf of the picture, the other models and so on), remove the cover and pry open the cable to open the cable, continue The next step.

Replacement iphone battery

Iphoen 5S battery cover

Replacement iphone battery

Iphone 6 battery cover

4, remove the battery

4 & 4S & 5 generation battery is double-sided adhesive in the phone, you need to use the phone inside the transparent plastic sheet pull up, pull attention to the intensity, you can use the pry bar auxiliary, do not use the meter hit the battery, so as to avoid Danger.

Replacement iphone battery

Pull up the battery

5S and above models, Apple improved the relevant process, to take the method of easy to pull, with your fingers or other items to provoke the edge of the plastic, slow (how slow more slowly, have patience) When the two strips of tape completely pulled out, the battery can be easily removed. If you accidentally cut off the battery glue, you can only use the pry bar and the blower to help out (this method is more trouble, compared to prone to accidents).

5, replace the new battery

IPhone4 & 4S & 5 mobile phone users can directly put the new battery on a good location into the phone (because the original double-sided adhesive did not remove)

5S and above users need to be the new battery gift easy to glue stick to the phone's shell, then the new battery on a good location into the phone, and finally pull the black end of the glue stick on the battery to facilitate the next replacement.

Replacement iphone battery

6, connecting cable

After installing the battery, we have to connect just remove all the cable (battery cable and display assembly cable, but do not install a variety of cover), press the power button to boot, test no problem before the cover installation.

7, close the back cover, enjoy a new experience

This is the last step, and everyone in the confirmation of all parts are installed in place after the phone screen can be back to the phone shell, 4 & 4S mobile phone users can install the back cover in place, and then screw the bottom of the fuselage screws.

Replace the iphone battery steps and methods have all been finished, to replace the iphone battery users, you can follow the above steps to do.