Dismantling iphone 6s and iphone 6 users, or read the two mobile phone users to dismantle the video, presumably found that compared to iphone 6, iphone 6s battery easily smaller, it is not help people feel curious? What is the reason to make Apple so dry? Is it cost saving? I think Apple will not because of this reason and deliberately let iphone 6s battery capacity smaller. What causes the iphone 6s battery capacity smaller? The following presentation will give you the answer!

The reason why iphone 6s battery is easy to shrink, is caused by lack of space. You may refute: compared to iphone 6, iphone 6s increased the thickness of 02mm, why the battery will easily shrink 100mAh, is not a joke? When i'm stupid? The Haha, for the user of this question, I want to tell you that although the thickness of iphone 6s increased, but it is more out of space to give other new parts.

1. iphone 6s inside the new force touch module, the module placed in the bottom of the display, the entire screen assembly inside, then the display and cover, etc. in the absence of changes in the size of the case, the thickness of the assembly must increase the size ;

2. iphone 6s fuselage used aluminum upgrade to 7000 grade high-strength aluminum alloy, which solves the iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus left easy to bend the problem, but it also led to the increase in the thickness of the phone.

It can be seen, iphone 6s on the increase in the thickness of these two modules will inevitably cause the phone to increase the thickness, or take up more internal space. At the same time, iphone 6s motherboard, the battery must guarantee a certain thickness of space to ensure that the height of the parts, while the battery, no doubt the smaller the smaller the capacity of the lower. This is why we will see the iphone 6s battery capacity shrink the reason.

However, allowing users to be assured that the iphone 6s used by the A9 processor performance and power consumption has been greatly improved, and mobile phone battery capacity is low after the battery life is to rely on CPU upgrade to decide, Therefore, although the iphone 6s battery is so easy to shrink, but in use and will not have much impact, life is basically consistent with the iphone 6, which users can rest assured.

Well, these are iphone 6s compared to the previous generation why the battery capacity smaller reasons! If you have a better view, may wish to give us a message exchange.