Perhaps you already know iphone 6 battery life is generally 3 years, fully charged 500 times, it will appear irreversible physical loss, which lost 20% of the electricity, in this case, iphone 6 battery life will change Very short, often need you in a short time to frequently charge the phone. For this bad situation, I believe that any one user can not stand it.

And to change this situation, the most cost-effective way is to replacement the iphone 6 battery, you need to be clear that the battery death, the phone is intact, so you do not have to spend big price to replace the phone. Of course, if your iphone 6 is no longer available, or you do not want to use, you can also replace the new phone.

However, one thing to note is to replacement the new battery iphone 6, we do not recommend users to buy Apple's official replacement battery, why do you say that? This is because Apple's original original battery price is very expensive, they do not need to have been used for two or three years of iphone 6 to replacement such an expensive battery, perhaps you replacement the new battery, and soon will replacement the new phone The In addition, you can also be on the Internet to find high-quality, cheaper iphone 6 replacement battery. So what do we need to buy iphone 6 replacement the battery in Apple's official mall? This is undoubtedly a waste of behavior!

Finally, it is important to emphasize that the purchase of high-quality, low-cost third-party iphone 6 on the Internet to replacement the battery, we must choose to have a reputation of the online store, it is recommended that users can directly visit, which is a respectable Mobile phone battery online supplier, you can get what you need iphone 6 replacement battery, as well as detailed replacement tutorial guide and help.