Cell phone battery explosion has been the focus of attention, after all, this kind of event is endless, such as the recent Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion. Therefore, for the user, for their own security considerations, will have to master some methods to avoid cell phone battery explosion risk. Here I come to find out:

cell phone battery

Teach you how to avoid the risk of cell phone battery explosion? Can start from three aspects:

First, the phone should try to use the original battery and original charger. If a compatible charger is used, select a charger with 3C safety certification and current matching. Poor cottage poor protective device charger, if the current breakdown occurs, the phone charger will output 220V power supply voltage, may result in mobile phone users an electric shock.

Second, to reduce the phone bump. Because the current mobile phone battery more than the use of aluminum-plastic film bag, bump easily deformed. If the cell phone electronic components pierce the battery soft membrane, may cause breakdown of the protective layer of security incidents, causing the battery spontaneous combustion or explosion.

Third, try not to put the phone under the front windshield, windowsill and other high-temperature environment or direct sunlight. Because the high temperature will increase the battery heat to enhance, easily lead to battery explosion.

These three methods can be a good mobile phone battery to avoid the risk of explosion, it is recommended that users try to do a do!