Encountered mobile phone battery drum package This phenomenon users believe there are many, then what is the reason for cell phone battery drum package? In this regard, we come to a detailed understanding of what.

cell phone battery packs

There are three common reasons for cell phone battery packs

The first reason: mobile phone battery factory or transport process, itself has quality defects, in which case we buy the phone, a few days after the phone battery will be a problem.

The second reason: we use, the battery used to charge the phone after shutdown, it is now taboo phone, lithium-ion defects will lead to excessive discharge cell phone battery drum package.

The third reason: the battery voltage temperature control damage or poor battery protection circuit, there will be excessive battery charging drum package, this situation is fatal, the battery will fire, bulging, and even explosion.

These three factors is the culprit leading to cell phone battery drum package, I believe that users are now aware of the friends at the moment.