The use of iphone 6 users have a lot, but in the phone to charge, the user often there are some charging errors, which invisible will damage their iphone 6 battery. Therefore, the following to teach you a few iphone 6 to charge the correct little trick.

iphone 6 battery

IPhone 6 how to charge better? Five charge tips

1, the first red do not have to charge 12 hours, only need to fill on the line;

2, in any power can actually be charged, little impact on the battery;

3, the best weekly once a full point and charging process, that is, from the red power to full power, the best time to achieve a battery within a week soon exhausted, and then filled.

4, charge to 100% of the time, unplug the charger is the best time to charge 100% and then charge for one hour, the charger when the battery is not just 100% full when the battery is good, that is, full After the iPhone 6 has been into the overcharge protection, has stopped charging, the next time is only the battery consumption process, so there is no need to charge more.

5, when the phone power is too low tips, should promptly end to play the phone or call, charge as soon as possible to maintain the battery life.

Users in their own iphone 6 charge, you can follow the above described five ways to do, which can be very good to protect their cell phone battery.