Many iphone 6 users were advised not to give your phone charge it overnight electricity, because it is easy to damage to the battery, but why can damage the iphone 6 batteries?The user is always difficult to get an accurate answer.That for this special case, we have to meet specific analysis:

iphone 6 batteries

Why the iphone 6 filled night electricity damage to the battery?

Is not recommended for the user to the iphone 6 night electricity charge, it is because the iphone 6 for whole night charge may have the possibility of being recharged, cell phone repeatedly in a state of constant voltage charging, it will reduce battery life.

Although we now use smart phones are lithium battery, charging will stop after a full charge, it was not until after the battery is lower than a certain voltage will continue to charge;And usually mobile phone is in standby mode, power down slowly, so even if we charge it overnight electricity, also won't often trigger a recharge.

Although the whole night will not damage the battery charging, but for a long time in the past, the battery life will also be discounted, even easy to trigger circuit problem, so try to avoid charging all night.

Through the above introduction, I believe that at this moment every user has to understand why it is not recommended to clear the iphone 6 night filling the cause of the electricity.