Iphone 6/6 plus battery has been used to the limit, the user can do is replace the new battery to solve this problem. At the same time, we do not recommend users to replace the battery in Apple's official mall, because such a cost is undoubtedly extremely expensive, for you, you can through the Internet to buy high-quality third-party iphone 6 battery replacement, to solve the problem , Which can save you a lot of money, I would like to save $ 50 is possible. Then maybe you are worried that you will not disassemble the iphone 6/6 plus battery, it does not matter how we will teach you how to perfectly remove the iphone 6/6 plus built-in battery.

Iphone 6/6 plus and above system models built-in battery are more use of the screen waterproof glue, so users in the demolition of mobile phones, you need to pay attention to certain skills and methods.

The first step, if your cell phone battery and power, please use it after the re-charge. Here, to emphasize this point, why do you say that? This is because a fully charged battery, if the replacement process because of improper and short circuit, these electric power outbreak, smoke and even explosion is inevitable! And the battery power after the light, even if the replacement process short circuit, because The battery power is very low, it will not cause an accident. Therefore, for your own safety considerations, for this point you must pay attention.

The second step, the use of hair dryer evenly heating the edge of the phone screen, the benefits of doing so can help remove the screen components. At the same time you should also pay attention to the temperature can not be too high, low to slow and uniform heating, so as to avoid the temperature is too high and damage the other parts of the phone.

The third step, sucker near the side of the corner placed, easy to focus hard. When you suck out a seam, immediately with a triangular dial into the gap, and then by means of pry bar to expand the range.

The fourth step on the screen components, there are two ways to remove the cable, and do not unload the cable.

We recommend that you can remove all the cable, separate the screen. Although this operation will be some trouble, but this can be very good to avoid their own in the operation to pull the damage to the screen cable and screen components.

The fifth step, the demolition of the battery easy to pull plastic, please use a round pencil, ball-point pen to pull the gap to pull out the plastic, this method is undoubtedly the most effective, because your hand can not maintain uniform force.

The sixth step, easy to pull plastic, you can use the hair dryer to heat the phone back cover, pay attention to the temperature temperature should not exceed 122 (℉), too high easily easy to break, at the same time, but also slow and uniform heating.

These are the complete steps to remove the iphone 6/6 plus, do you learn it? If you have any questions, please give us a message, we will reply to you in time!