There are many iphone 6 users are puzzled, their side there are a lot of friends using iphone 6, why compared to their own, their mobile phone battery is often not durable? In fact, for this problem, really good answer, nothing less than three aspects:

One, the wrong charging habits

Common mistake charging habits are: the use of poor charging head, charging data lines; while charging, while playing mobile phone; charge when wearing protective cover; often use the PC to the phone charge; in hot and humid environment charge.

Second, replace the iphone 6 battery, but the battery quality is not guaranteed

There are some users of the iphone 6 battery damage, choose their own replacement, in the purchase iphone 6 replacement battery, often may feel Apple's official battery is too expensive, covet cheap, so the election of third-party low-quality battery, which will lead to iphone 6 battery life decreased, not durable. And more serious is the poor iphone 6 replacement battery will damage the phone, or even an explosion. Therefore, it is recommended to buy third-party iphone 6 replacement battery users, be sure to choose high-quality replacement battery.

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Third, iphone 6 other parts of the damage, such as: motherboard circuit problems, and so on

Iphone 6 damp, impact damage to internal parts and other phenomena, will lead to iphone 6 battery is not durable.

Therefore, for those who feel their iphone 6 battery is not durable users, would like to effectively solve this dilemma, from the above three aspects to troubleshoot.

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