For iphone 6 users, to make their mobile phone battery life longer, then the daily maintenance is essential. Here to teach you how to conserve the iphone 6 battery? So that their mobile phone use longer.

iphone 6 battery

To conserve the iphone 6 battery, it is necessary to start from five aspects

1, do not charge while using the phone call, the game

This will reduce the battery life, resulting in battery life time is short

2, the phone should not work in the case of high temperature or low temperature

If in a very cold environment, or the back of the phone hot situation

As far as possible not to use high-power games or video, this will lead to reduced battery life

3, try to use the original charger

The original charger all the data are matched, the charge on the iphone 6 battery loss is the smallest

Although there are many on the market with the interface of the charger, you can use

But it is best not to use, although the original can be used

However, prolonged use will adversely affect the battery

4, promptly shut down wifi and GPS

When not close the wifi and GPS as far as possible

Because these features are good, but relatively more power

5, the battery with 1 year to 2 years to reduce the power is normal

Like the keyboard and mouse, are normal wear and tear, the proposed replacement for their own iphone 6 new battery

The above five methods for the maintenance of the iphone 6 battery is undoubtedly very helpful, it is recommended that users can follow a friend to do!