Since the birth date of the iPhone, its battery is built-in, does not support the user to disassemble. Now more and more mobile phones, including Samsung, lg, htc, etc., are learning Apple with the iPhone, the battery built-in. What are the benefits of doing this? For the answer to this question, here we come to understand!

iPhone batteries removable

Why are the phones now studying iPhone batteries removable?

First, improve the utilization of the fuselage space, mobile phone design thinner and more beautiful

If the battery is removable, then it must have a regular appearance. And built-in battery can be irregular, you can make full use of the internal space inside the fuselage, the same capacity can be designed in the case of more beautiful and more beautiful mobile phone.

Second, improve stability, to avoid automatic battery restart

Because if the phone battery can be replaced, often open the phone back cover, may lead to battery metal contact oxidation, battery and body contact bad situation, a little jitter may let the phone power to restart.

Third, prompt mobile phone quality, reduce the phone repair rate

Poor battery is easy to cause damage to the fuselage. Mobile phone can not be replaced, to avoid the user to buy and use of non-original battery, reduce the repair rate, enhance the phone's brand reputation.

Battery easy to consume, to promote the upgrading of consumers

Mobile phone battery is a certain life, with the number of charge and discharge increases, cell phone battery capacity will drop. General battery life is shorter than the life of the fuselage. Like the use of iPhone the third year, the mobile phone system may still run smoothly, but the battery has been completely useless, a few hours on the no electricity. Of course, mobile phone battery can not change, not to say that can not change. A lot of mobile phone repair shop or mobile phone manufacturers will also replace the official mobile phone battery business, but are paid. General users will choose to change the phone directly. Of course, for hands-on ability of users, often also choose to buy their own new battery, to replace their own.

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