If the user still hold the iphone 5, but the battery has been damaged, so the most simple and convenient method is to replace the iphone 5 batteries.So to replace the iphone 5 batteries, first of all to learn how to disassemble.So let's come together to learn how to disassemble the iphone 5 batteries?

Started dismantling:


To be removed from the bottom of the screw.

With # 00 phillips screwdriver turned away at the bottom of the iPhone 5 two 3.6 mm diameter of the screw.

The screw is just next to the from charging connector.

iphone 5 batteries


The iphone 5 screen with a sucker is live.

To press the sucker on the screen (as in "Home" button).

Exert enough strength to make it tightly to the screen.

With suction cups to absorb (mobile phone, when can you try to remove the bottom, the mobile phone top up slightly.

iphone 5 batteries


To pry open the back cover.

Lift chuck with one hand, another hand would back cover down.

As long as open enough gap, went in a plastic lever, can be more firmly to pry open the back cover.

Uniformity and stability of you need to use the strength of the casing halves pried open.

The iPhone 5 display unit is tight, it is difficult to pry open.

With plastic lever pull back cover, don't forget to continue to pull suction cups.

In the process, you will see a few pieces of clip will plate before and after the shells together.

You need to take them down.

Now, you only need to remove the casing at the bottom and sides.

iphone 5 batteries


To raise up before the board.

After they removed the chassis and side at the bottom of the front plate is raised up, turn a turn, until it and 90 - degree Angle to the rear cover.

Don't separate plate and the back cover before.

You must first remove the ribbon cable.

iphone 5 batteries


Lower down the line.

Use a screwdriver to turn the screw thread stand all.

Then, lift the plate before using the fingers of wire frame, it is separated from the inside of the rear cover motherboard.

You need to tear down a total three screws (two screws, 1.2 mm in diameter and 1 screw diameter of 1.6 mm).

iphone 5 batteries


Remove the part line.

With plastic lever removed a front-facing camera, digital converter and sensor wires and liquid crystal display screen wire.

Using lever tip them up, then down.

At this time, you can completely separate front plate and the back cover, without fear of damage any parts.

iphone 5 batteries


Remove the battery connector.

Turn the metal battery joint support two screws.

In the joint plane carrying the motherboard battery connector.

Remove the screw, with finger joint plane take off.

You need to turn two screws (a diameter of 1.8 mm, and the other with a diameter of 1.6 mm).

iphone 5 batteries


Lift the battery connector.

To the top of the plastic lever into the battery under the joint, it pop up the bracket in the motherboard.

Proceed with caution.

As long as you remove the battery connector, do not even the bracket together.

iphone 5 batteries


The battery pry up, up, put it out.

Put the edge of the plastic lever in between batteries and mobile phone back cover.

Along the right edge sliding lever, since several point pry up battery, convenient to take it down.

Proceed with caution. Don't damage the mobile phone or battery.

When necessary, with transparent plastic pull-tab separate the battery and glue (glue to fix the battery on the back cover).


Finally, be especially emphasizes the do-it-yourself dismantling the iphone 5 battery risk is very big, therefore, suggest that users beginning ability is not too strong, or go to mobile phone repair shop for his iphone 5 replacement battery.