Many handheld iphone 6 users, winter may often encounter the phone automatically shut down this embarrassment, which give their normal use of mobile phones has brought great inconvenience. Then the cold weather iphone 6 Why automatically shut down? Is not iphone 6 battery bad reasons? For the answer to this question, we work together to find out!

iphone 6 battery

We all know, iphone 6 is the use of lithium-ion battery, a chemical reaction in the electrolyte so that Li ions in the positive and negative movement between the current. And we all know that temperature is a major factor in chemical reactions. Temperature is too low lead to chemical reaction rate slows down, resulting in the battery discharge capacity weakened. So the phone automatically identified as no power, and trigger protection mechanism led to the phone off. Therefore, the cold weather iphone 6 automatic shutdown of this phenomenon is undoubtedly a very normal performance, the user need not worry.

Then the emergence of such a situation, the user does not need too anxious. You can put a cover their mobile phone cover, cover the heat of the phone can boot, and how the power will not change. Therefore, they may wish to try!