Why not recommend using the computer USB interface for the iphone 6 charge? For the answer to this question, we have to look at the following detailed analysis:

iphone 6 charge

Due to the charging environment constraints, most of the office environment lack of charging conditions, so many people use the iPhone 6 to connect the computer USB hole way to charge the phone, not knowing that the way the iphone 6 battery is extremely unfavorable; computer USB interface current Less than 500mA, so the charging time is longer, and the computer motherboard power mechanism is not perfect, many times connected to the computer USB interface may also be unstable because of the current battery can not be a stable charge, which can be described as worse damage to the battery.

Therefore, the user to make their own iphone 6 battery more durable, to avoid premature replacement iphone 6 battery, should try to avoid using the computer USB interface for mobile phone charging.