For handheld iphone 6 users, their usual to the phone when charging, there are often some errors in the error, thus damage to the use of iphone 6 battery help. Therefore, for iphone 6 users, in order to make their mobile phone more durable, then you have to start from the correct charging method. Here we come to a specific understanding:

iphone 6 charging

Must understand the five on the iphone 6 charging knowledge

1, the new buy back the phone need to completely put the power and then filled?

The so-called "activation" argument is already out of date, the new mobile phone needs to be completely dry and then filled, is for the once nickel-cadmium batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries. Now the smart phone has no use of this battery, so there is no need to go to charge and discharge activation.

2, charging time is too long iphone 6 will explode?

Although the mobile phone is now frequent explosion, but when the phone is fully charged after the unplugged plug and can not cause an explosion. Lithium battery is equipped with automatic protection device inside, but the battery is full, it will cut off the charging circuit. Unless the battery quality problems, only the possibility of an explosion.

3, the charging time to master

Iphone 6 charging time generally do not need too long, two or three hours can be. Charging too long will also affect the battery life.

4, iphone 6 battery to eat less food

Iphone 6 is a lithium battery, and lithium battery no memory effect, at any time can be charged. Do not need a one-time charge to run out. People in the daily use of mobile phones in the process, you can use a few hours to charge once. This can extend the battery life. Make the phone battery more durable.

5, on the charge data cable

To charge the iphone 6 as much as possible to use original, or high-quality charging plug and data cable. Poor data lines can not provide a stable voltage for your phone. In the charging time through the data line to reach the phone between the voltage is too high, will lead to damage to the battery, too low will lead to charging time is too long.

Above is about iphone 6 correct charging of the five common sense of the introduction, for the user, it is necessary to follow suit.

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