Iphone 6 plus the battery if damaged, replace the new, not only trouble, but also to spend an additional cost. Therefore, for their own interests to consider, the user with the need to protect the iphone 6 plus the battery as early as possible. So how to do it? Here we come to understand the specific understanding!

Protection iphone 6 plus battery of the four tricks, together to learn

1. Charging the battery is complete remember to turn off the power

Many people will charge the power immediately after the USB cable unplug, and then did not turn off the charger power. This is actually a very dangerous behavior, if the USB cable plug to touch any liquid, it is likely to cause a short circuit, causing a fire.

2. Remove the protective case and charge it

Every time you charge will not touch the iPhone 6 plus become very hot? IPhone 6 plus lithium batteries are most afraid of heat! Previous reports have mentioned lithium battery chemical reaction is very active, especially at high temperatures. So in order to make iPhone 6 plus more easily heat, remember to charge when the set removed.

3. Do not wait until the low power to charge

I believe you will hear a lot of people say the battery to wait until the minimum charge when the charge, so as to durable. wrong! It is the memory effect of nickel-metal hydride batteries, not the iPhone 6 plus is now used in lithium batteries.

Lithium batteries, whether used or not, "shelf life" for three years, three years after the decay quickly. Another one is "full charge cycle", about 400-500 times after the decay quickly. Is to see you first to 3 years or the first charge to the number. Do not wait until the power consumption of light and then recharge, which will speed up its loss. Lithium batteries at low power consumption is relatively large, long-term at 40% -60% of electricity can make it the longest life, but for frequently used equipment, this is impossible, but you can make it always in 100%, that is often Charging, washed over and over. It will not overcharge, but this time using the power of the battery, the battery will not be a waste of charge cycle, it is conducive to extend the life. About 20% of the time when you can start charging, do not intentionally forced to put the battery discharge, so in fact very hurt the battery.

4. Do not charge the side of the game while playing

When the phone will be charging the heat, if the most easy to play with the heat of the game, the phone's heat will reach a high point. This will greatly increase the risk of lithium battery short-circuit.

These four methods for the iphone 6 plus battery protection is undoubtedly very helpful, the user is necessary to follow suit to do a do!