We know that iphone 6 plus is not fast charging function, but we can through other methods or ways to speed up the iphone 6 plus charging speed. Interested friends may wish to learn:

iphone 6 plus charge

Let the iphone 6 plus charge the fastest four best ways

First: use a good quality, high-power charger

The iPad Charger is one of the fastest chargers I hold, and I almost use it to charge all the devices because it reduces the total time of charging the connected device.

This time difference is quite amazing. For example, if you use Apple's iPhone charger, iPhone 6 Plus mobile phone from the no-charge state to full grid state, you need more than three hours, but if you use the iPad charger, filled with time will be shortened to More than two hours.

And I do not think fast charging equipment on the battery life has any negative impact, according to my many years of experience, this does not have any problems.

However, if you are still worried about this, or use their own equipment comes with the charger.

Second: the equipment transferred to the "flight mode"

After the device is transferred to the flight mode, if you want to charge it, it will no longer continue to run out of battery power. I found that, in general, in the flight mode, the device's charging efficiency is about twice the normal mode.

Third: remove all the protective cover

If your equipment shell is a thick rubber, even more attention, because the battery after the heat will slow down the charge. Therefore, it is a good idea to put the device in a cool place when charging.

Fourth: Do not touch this equipment when charging!

To overcome their every few minutes to check the iphone 6 plus battery charging situation, because each time you activate the display or use Wi-Fi and other functions, will consume the phone valuable power!

The above four methods to speed up the iphone 6 plus battery charging speed is undoubtedly very useful, interested users can try to do a do!