For users who are using iphone 6, if their cell phone battery is broken, but they do not want to replace the new phone, then the most convenient and most cost-effective solution is to replace the new battery. Then they have to replace the battery, then the first to buy high-quality battery. Poor battery will not only damage to the use of mobile phones, but also an explosion and other accidents. In this regard, but the user can not sloppy. How can we buy high-quality iphone 6 replace the battery? Here we come together to understand!

iphone 6 replacement battery

Through three ways to buy high quality iphone 6 replacement battery

One, through the official website of Apple. If you can buy the battery through the Apple official website, priority through the official website to buy. The price will be more expensive than the market price, but the use of a guarantee, the general official online purchase are the original battery, we do not have too much for the battery safety considerations.

Second, aftermarket outlets. According to their own experience, and can not guarantee that every sale of mobile phone batteries sold in the network are qualified. Some unscrupulous after-sales outlets may give consumers to install [second-hand] or even [quality does not guarantee] the battery.

Third, the formal channels to buy. For example, you can go to online store to buy, good quality, the price is more affordable!