Recently, many users complained that their replacement of the battery after the iphone 6 can not brush machine failure, which is no doubt to the user of the brush machine has brought great inconvenience. So what is the reason for this situation? In this regard, we analyze together to find out!

iphone 6 replacement battery

You know the iPhone 6 can not replace the battery after the brush machine What is the reason?

The reason for this situation is that the iPhone 6 in the beginning of the brush machine when the phone will be a comprehensive self-test hardware scan, once the self-test scan can not provide a legitimate SN string code, that the iPhone 6 battery is illegal Battery, which refused to continue to brush machine.

Therefore, the user must first determine when purchasing the battery in the iPhone 6 to display the correct SN serial number. Get a new battery can be used after the App or check the battery on the computer SN serial number. From the current situation, as long as the battery has a normal look SN serial number (not all 0 or all of these strange numbers F), we can normal brush machine.

Finally, the need to point out that most of the current mainstream market brand batteries are not the problem, but some no-name, counterfeit battery products are likely to be unable to brush machine problems. Of course, we can also replace the battery through Apple's after-sales service.

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