As the iphone 6 battery is built-in battery, so once the iphone 6 battery is broken, it is not a simple replacement of a new can often require users to replace the new phone. Therefore, the iphone 6 battery protection, it is very necessary. However, the actual use of the user, there are often some behavior, so as to damage to the iphone 6 battery life. Then the following specific to understand what the user there are acts that will damage to the iphone 6 battery?

Will damage the iphone 6 battery seven wrong charging methods, to avoid

1. Do not fully charge the phone:

Most people will make this mistake, the iPhone 6 charge all night, get up the next day to see the battery 100% full, good mood. This is a big mistake, in fact, excessive charge will damage the battery. A better approach is to carry out a simple charge from time to time, so that the battery maintained at 40% -80%, will extend the battery life.

2. Do not let the phone completely without electricity:

IPhone 6 battery is a lithium-ion battery, the battery 30% and 80% of the power between the best. This means that overcharging and exhaustion are harmful.

3. Remove the mobile phone shell when charging:

When the phone is charging, try to pick it up to see, you will find the phone is hot, do not worry, this is the normal situation. It will not cause much of the problem, the problem is that if these heat can not be dispersed, will lead to the battery ahead of West. So when you want to charge, remember to remove the phone shell Oh!

4. Even if you do not use the phone, but also charge:

If you decide to stay away from your phone for a while, and then you find that the phone is running out of power, the manufacturer suggests that you can charge your phone in about 50% of the time in a cool, dark place.

5. Use only original charger:

Although Apple's brand of charger price is not so attractive, but in order to avoid the use of an unknown brand of charger and lead to cell phone failure, this small loss of the situation. Proposal or use the original parts. The original charger has a battery protection function, but if the use of non-original or cottage version of the charger to charge, the consequences may be dangerous, if the charger power is too large, or bad workmanship control output , It is easy on the battery control circuit chip damage, leading to the occurrence of danger.

6. Do not charge mobile phone in the heating side:

Hot is the number one killer of the battery. According to Apple, iPhone's best temperature is between 15-22 degrees. So do not let the phone next to the heating or charging under the sun. A cool place is the best place to charge.

Note: These seven error charging methods will destroy your iPhon phone

7. Do not use wireless charging:

The latest iPhone is a special charging device to provide wireless charging. But in fact this is not conducive to the battery life, it is recommended that this option forgotten. If you really want or need to use this way to charge, you can, but be prepared, your phone may overheat, long-term down, will shorten the battery life. Insist on using the real charging line comparison insurance!

Through the above description, I believe you have a clear understanding of what behavior will damage to the iphone 6 battery life of the bar. Therefore, for themselves, if they exist these acts, then please correct the job Caixing.