If you are a start iphone users, must have wanted to know some of the methods on the maintenance of iphone battery, so you can make their own battery longer, indirect also make their own mobile phone use longer. Then the following is about some of the great extension of the life of the iphone battery method, I believe you will feel very helpful.

1. New start iphone first charge completely do not have to charge 12 hours, just need to be filled.

2. iphone in any power can actually be charged, so little impact on the battery, so you can be assured to the phone charge.

3. Weekly it is best to have a complete discharge and charging process, that is, from the red power to full power, the best time to achieve a battery exhausted, and then full.

4. iphone are used in lithium batteries, it is intelligent, the phone has overshoot protection function, it is recommended to immediately after the phone is pulled up, not recommended for a long time charge.

5.iphone battery charge to 100% of the time, unplug the charger is the best time to charge 100% and then charge for one hour, the charger when the battery is not just 100% full when the battery is good, that is to say , Full of electricity, iphone7 or iPhone7plus has entered the overshoot protection, has stopped charging, the next time only the battery consumption process, so there is no need to charge more.

If you can not charge for the iphone for a long time, if: more than one day, or even a month's time can not charge, you need to pay attention to the iphone charge into the 50% power / battery when the phone will be shut down to ensure that the battery will not Long time idle, you can enter the depth of discharge state.

If you give iphone battery charge to do these five aspects, then I believe your iphone battery will not be so durable.

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