You know, iphone is the use of lithium-ion battery, its life is only 500 times, that is, you fully charge 500 times, the battery life will be reduced by 20%, so in this case, your cell phone battery life It will become very short, so you want your iphone to restore a day of life, the most cost-effective way is to replace the new iphone battery.

Then buy iphone on the Internet to replace the battery, how can we buy high-quality iphone replacement battery? To point out that for the direct selection of Apple's official store to buy original iphone battery users, do not worry about this problem, but I believe that the vast majority of users will not spend big money to buy iphone original battery, because this cost is too expensive. Therefore, high-quality, cheaper third-party replacement battery has become the first choice.

The Internet to provide iphone replacement battery business there are many, they may accidentally buy a poor battery, like this situation, spend some money is a small thing, the key is the poor battery is prone to drums, and thus bad Mobile phones, and even an explosion. Therefore, the purchase of high-quality iphone replacement battery is undoubtedly a very important thing. Related to their own safety, do not you care?

How can I buy high-quality iphone replacement batteries on the Internet? For you, just need to know five aspects, you can buy high-quality battery:

1. After the battery hand, the appearance is enough new, it is best to have two-dimensional bar code logo

2. To check the bottom of the packaging seal is not a one-time seal

3. Check that the battery you purchased is made by a soldering machine.

4. Do not be insatiable, high-quality iphone replacement battery is a certain cost, so the price is too cheap battery you can be careful!

5. Choose an online seller with reputable protection

The following recommended two more professional, reputable protection of the iphone battery online suppliers:



The above is to teach you how to buy high-quality, low-cost iphone replacement battery, if you have any ideas, may wish to message with us to exchange advice