Battery explosion is undoubtedly a focus of recent users concerned about, especially in the second half of 2016 Samsung Galaxy Note7 battery fire, iphone 6s low temperature frequent no reason to shut down two events so that consumers are more mobile phone battery security to be re-examined.

Then this is to make a lot of users to replace their own iphone battery into a dilemma:

One is their own iphone want to replace the original Apple battery, but the price is too expensive; second is to use a third party iphone replacement battery, but not sure what kind of battery better? safer? Where can I buy?

Therefore, for the majority of users entangled in this issue, it is recommended that you can choose to buy in the online store, it provides iphone replacement battery, the quality can be comparable to iphone original battery. But also because online sales, therefore, relative to Apple's official iphone battery, the price is cheaper.

Perfect iphone replacement battery - buyer guide provides iphone battery, covering iPhone 4s to iPhone 6s Plus several replacement battery products, capacity from 1440mAh to 2915mAh range, and iPhone original battery close to the use of A + -type polymer batteries, with the original The same battery life.

Perfect iphone replacement batter

Excellent quality workmanship provided by the iphone replacement battery with pure copper gold production process contacts, with better conductivity, the battery internal use of environmentally friendly pure cobalt material, lead, mercury, cadmium and other harmful elements, more conducive to the environment protection.

Especially to remind the user is the lithium-ion battery memory effect can be free to charge and discharge, however, it is recommended that users do not regularly use the battery charge and then recharge.

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