Iphone is the most easy to damage the first battery, for which you have to replace the new battery, which is undoubtedly an additional expenditure. Therefore, let your iphone battery more durable can save yourself a fee. This article will introduce you to extend the life of the iphone battery method, for which you save costs.

There are many ways to improve the life of the iphone battery, the first thing to do is to keep your settings away from the extreme temperature: your iphone in a wide range of ambient temperature can have a good performance, between 62 ° F to 72 ° F is Ideal temperature zone. It is particularly important that the equipment should be protected from being at an ambient temperature above 5 ° F, otherwise the battery capacity may be permanently damaged. In this case, your battery after charging, can no longer power your device for a long time. Charging the device in a high temperature environment may further damage the equipment. Even storing the battery in a high temperature environment can cause irreversible damage. When using a device in a very cold environment, you may find a reduction in battery life, but this is only temporary. When the battery temperature returns to normal operating range, its performance will return to normal.

The next way to note is that when you put the iphone in some of the protective shell with the charge, it may produce too much heat, thus affecting the battery capacity. If you find your phone in the charge when the heat, please remove the protective shell.

Finally, it is important to pay special attention to the use of Apple's original or Apple approved third-party charger and data cable, poor quality iphone charger and data cable quality is not reliable, the output rated current and rated voltage are very unstable, The iphone battery caused a lot of damage.

If your iphone battery has been unfortunately damaged, and has lost the warranty qualification, it is recommended that you buy iphone on the Internet to replace the battery, which is the most economical solution. However, we must choose a reputation to ensure that the online store, so as to ensure that the minimum cost to buy high-quality iphone replacement battery. For example, mpbatt.com is one of the best online battery suppliers. If necessary, you can visit the website directly.

life of the iphone battery