Iphone function is undoubtedly very powerful, but the battery life has been its short board, which also prompted many people began to actively find ways to extend the life of the iphone battery. We will share the seven can significantly improve the life of the iphone battery method.

The first way to turn off Siri

First of all to close a useless function, that is, iphone voice assistant Siri, close the way is very simple, just click on the "settings" will see the "Siri" option, click to enter after you choose to close.

The second way to turn off Wifi, Bluetooth, AirDrop

Familiar with iOS 7 users know that we only need to slide from the bottom of the phone can pull out the shortcut menu function, although very practical, but inside such as "Wifi, Bluetooth, AirDrop" and other wireless communication is best kept in the Off the state, which AirDrop function is used to share files in multiple equipment bracket, we only need to drag the file to use the function of the friend's head can be one-on-one file transfer, but power is also Very big, so in the case of not practical we are still closed as well.

The third method, close the background application

Close the background application, at least let your phone can use 10-20 minutes. In addition, even if the closure of this feature does not affect the use, when you need to use an APP when the normal use of open on the line.

Steps: Settings - General - Background application Refresh, select Off.

The fourth method, turn off the system to remind the notice

Check for closures for APPs that do not need to be notified. Whether it is notification center or lock screen interface, they are mercilessly closed off.

Operation method: set - notification center, close the APP notification operation.

The fifth way to turn off the automatic download

If the iPhone is set up as an application, the system automatically updates, it will consume a lot of power, but also consume traffic. Often updated and installed when the battery will be particularly easy to consume power, if it is low when the phone even lead to shutdown.

How to get started: Go to Settings - iTunes Store and App Store to turn off the "Use Cellular Move Data" option.

The sixth method, shorten the automatic lock screen time

Although a single 10 seconds and 5 seconds difference is not big, but each person to open the phone every few times the number of times, plus up time is not short, and this method can also save a lot of electricity.

Method: Settings - General - Auto Lock option, set to fit your time value.

The seventh method, positioning service is closed

Familiar with iPhone users are also very fond of positioning services, but the same power consumption is very large. So you can selectively turn off location-based services for related applications. First of all, we need to click "Settings" after selecting "privacy" and then click "location service", then you can choose to close some of the useless application location service.

These seven methods can greatly extend the life of the iphone battery, I believe this will be very useful to you.

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