Iphone 6 as Apple launched the first large-screen mobile phone, it has a stunning 4.7 / 5.5 inch in the dazzling screen, powerful performance, fast running speed, and beautiful design, showing a lot of advantages, but there are shortcomings, One of the great shortcomings is that iphone 6 battery life is difficult to accept, basically need users one day a charge, the depth of the user may often need to charge three times a day, filling four times, which undoubtedly seriously affect the use of experience. So to change this dilemma, what good way? The method described below may help you!

iphone 6 battery

Want to make their own iphone 6 battery with a long time, it is recommended to turn off four functions

The first trick: limit the background program refresh

Steps: Settings - General - Background application Refresh, select Off.

Second: turn off unnecessary system services:

Method of Operation: Settings - General - Privacy - Positioning Services System Services - Frequently Asked Questions.

In addition, the outbound service can be enabled by application setting or set to use during location. So for most APP can be closed.

The third move: close the application push notification

Operation method: 【Settings】 --- 【Notice Center】, check that there is no need to notify the APP to close the operation. Whether it is notification center or lock screen interface, they are mercilessly closed off.

The fourth trick: shorten the automatic lock screen time.

Method: 【Settings】 - 【General】 - 【Auto lock option】, set to match the time value.

These four methods for extending the use of iphone 6 battery is still very helpful, why do not you try it?

In addition, iphone 6 listing has been more than two years, I believe many users of mobile phone battery has been very serious loss, like this phenomenon, if you do not want to replace the new phone, the only way is to replace the new battery, so be able to make their iphone 6 Battery life back to the original state. Strongly recommend that you buy high-quality iphone 6 replacement battery, do not seek cheap, buy low-quality battery.

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