For the reflection of their iphone in the low-temperature environment, automatic shutdown of the user, do not worry, because this is a normal phenomenon, but also to protect the iphone battery performance. Then we come to the following specific understanding:

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Iphone in the low-temperature environment, the benefits of automatic shutdown you know?

The reason why iphone in the low-temperature environment will automatically shut down, this is because the iphone battery set the low-temperature protection, which can extend the battery life, this is normal. Iphone the best operating temperature of 22 ℃, the appropriate temperature of 0 ℃ -35 ℃, when the use of ambient temperature is too high or too low will affect the mobile phone speed, may also lead to automatic shutdown. In addition, the low-temperature environment, iphone will appear charging difficult phenomenon.

Not only iphone cold, iPad is also cold, HTC, Sony, Samsung and other brands of mobile phones are also automatically shut down in low temperature environment.

So, if you encounter iphone in the low-temperature environment, automatic shutdown of this situation how to deal with?

Users are advised not to use mobile phones in extremely cold or extremely hot environments, to keep the phone charging port and the socket dry. In the outdoor temperature is low, the phone on the pocket, try not to use the phone call, it is best to use headset call.

Well, through the above description, I believe you have a clear understanding of the iphone in the low-temperature environment, the reasons for the automatic shutdown of the bar.