You need to know the influence the iPhone battery life experiences of several parameters, respectively is: the design capacity, the actual capacity, battery efficiency, fully charged (loop) frequency, voltage and temperature, etc.

Design capacity refers to the nominal design capacity battery, such as the iPhone Plus 2900 mah;

The iPhone 6 1810 mah battery easy to;

Actual capacity for usage will be change, new battery actual capacity even higher than the design capacity, use after a period of time will gradually decline;

Battery efficiency is equivalent to the proportion of the actual capacity and design capacity, can be understood as the battery health, efficiency is lower than 80% battery life experience will sell at a discount greatly;

In general, the iphone 6 batteries after reaching 300-500 cycles, efficiency will be lower than 80%, therefore, it is strongly recommended that the user to replace the iphone 6 batteries, to ensure that their mobile phone can get the best life experience. will provide high quality, low cost of the iphone 6 replacement battery, can direct access.

Fully charged (cycle) number refers to the battery every used is 100%, 0% 100% used to calculate a, for example, from 80% to 30% after filled again with 50%, combined with the 100%, this also is only a cycle;

Battery voltage is normal in the process of change, as for the state of low temperature electricity meter will lose their jobs, automatic shutdown problems great opportunity.

Of course, the outside temperature, the quality of the charger/line and the unreasonable charge and discharge habits and so on will be more or less affect the battery life:

Cold areas of the user completes the protection measures for mobile phones and charging equipment preferred the original qualified products as well, try not to charge while playing mobile phone, and don't charge ~ until power is less than 20%

Filling while playing and low battery charging, the battery produces a bigger loss, affect the service life of the battery.

Suggest a user in the maintenance of the iphone battery, from the above several aspects to this.

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