Charging the mobile phone is also a live technical, some errors of charging habits tend to serious damage to the service life of the new phone.So, don't want to let oneself buy new mobile phone batteries scrapped prematurely, the user will be the right of charging habits.

mobile phone charge

The following is to introduce several common error of mobile phone battery?

Do you know how new buy mobile phone charge?

1, the charge for the first time shoulds not be too long

Charge for the first time don't need what must full 12 hours, this is the old battery needs to be done, and now the battery is basically or polymer lithium-ion batteries, lithium-ion batteries charging for the first time just like usual charge is ok!

2, new mobile phone need to activate?

New phone need to electricity consumed in the mobile phone, and then to recharge, and need to repeatedly for three to four times can, this is called "active, mobile phone before all need to do so, but now the lithium battery, is no longer need.

3, charging plugs original to pick

If you use the iphone plug to the charge, you will find that the speed is slow.

If using high power plugs to recharge, small power back to the fast a lot.

But can cause significant damage to the cell phone battery, and charging will choose original charger!

4, choose charging line is very important

Charging line is also in the same way, had better choose original charging line, but also in a few root looks like charging online mark in order to avoid confusing, go out everyone will choose charging treasure, like to take a relatively short line out of the door, if it is a big manufacturer of charging line well, or you will have a lot of potential safety problems.

5, without charging mobile phone sets

In order to protect we simply cannot leave a mobile phone, a lot of people choose cell phone sets, but they don't know the lithium battery is very afraid of hot, when charging fever, so it's best to remove recharging!

6, filling while playing

Charging charging permitting, it is best to shut down, this is the best for battery maintenance.

Charging while playing mobile phone, in addition to damage cell phone batteries, and is also harmful to the human body.

7, overcharge

Charge not unplug the power supply in time, can let the battery status has been maintained with electricity, it will speed up the battery consumption, many people used to charge before sleeping in the evening, if it is original charging equipment, after a full charge will automatically standby, at that time was the actual electric charger, do not use batteries, if not the original, continuous charging will damage the battery!

8, make sure the temperature when charging

In low temperature environment, the protection mechanism of the low temperature of the lithium battery will drive the battery does not occur in the material of chemical reaction, and therefore cannot charge or at a slower pace, when high temperature lithium batteries would not be stable, even explode!

9, charging times

There's a saying: each mobile phone number of the battery has a fixed charge, if charging too many times, can accelerate cell aging degree of strain.

In fact this is wrong, lithium battery and human beings, pay attention to eat much food less, frequent charging the battery actually slightly benefits!

For users, if they exist above any wrong behavior of mobile phone battery, so should be timely correction.