Iphone 6 battery damage, but other parts are perfect, for this situation, many users often have to replace the new phone. Therefore, for these iphone 6 users, it is necessary to protect the iphone 6 battery, and only then, to be able to make their own mobile phone longer. Here we come together to understand how to protect iphone 6 battery?

iphone 6 battery

Let iphone 6 battery more durable six small knowledge

1, in order to extend the life of iphone 6 battery, the battery charging time is generally not more than the necessary charging period (5 to 7 hours).

2, the proposed use of Apple's original charger.

3, the battery contacts do not contact with metal or oil accessories, pay attention to moisture.

4, the battery should not be soaked in water or thrown into the fire.

5, the battery should not be placed in low temperature or high temperature objects, such as refrigerators and stoves.

6, when handling the battery, please use special facilities.

The six methods described above for the maintenance of iphone 6 battery is very helpful, it is recommended that users try to do a good job as early as possible!