Iphone 6 to use now, I believe there are many users of the mobile phone battery has been very serious loss, to have to replace the point. Choose to go to Apple store replacement iphone 6 battery, the price is undoubtedly very expensive. Therefore, many users choose their own purchase of third-party iphone 6 on the Internet to replace the battery, their replacement.

replacement iphone 6 battery

However, the current Internet third party iPhone 6 replacement of a wide range of batteries, because many brands are some small factory produced, the quality is uneven, which gives consumers a lot of trouble in the choice.

Therefore, to ensure that users just bought high-quality, low-cost iphone 6 replace the battery, we strongly recommend that users directly visit mpbatt.com, which is a well-known US online mobile phone battery retailers, to provide all kinds of high quality iphone Replace the battery, from the iphone 4s series to the latest iphone 6s series.

Mpbatt.com provides iphone replacement battery specific specifications are as follows:

Applicable models:  iphone 4s    iPhone 5     iPhone 5S / 5c        iPhone 6     iPhone 6 Plus     iPhone 6S          iPhone 6S Plus

Battery voltage:        3.8V              3.8V               3.8V                         3.8V               3.8V                      3.8V                        3.8V

Battery capacity:      1470 mAh   1440mAh       1560mAh               1810mAh       2915 mAh          1715mAh              2750 mAh

Single Item Price:     $5.99          $6.99               $ 7.99                      $8.99             $11.99                  $9.99                      $12.99

As a well-known online mobile phone battery supplier, mpbattt.com provides iphone 6 replacement battery with A + level polymer batteries to ensure adequate power while also reducing circuit losses, battery performance compared with the original is almost the same.

In addition, we also provide users with their own replacement iphone battery graphic tutorial to facilitate you better and faster replacement iphone 6 battery.
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