Iphone 6 battery once a sudden problem, bad, will give users the normal use of a great inconvenience. Therefore, early know iphone 6 battery needs to be replaced, it is very necessary. So what iphone 6 battery has been the performance of what? In this regard, we come to learn more.

Iphone 6 battery

Iphone 6 battery need to replace the three "clinical symptoms"

First, the battery capacity before the second to see there are 15 percent of the power, blink of an eye on the power is too low automatically shut down, and would like to re-boot, it shows the charge signs. Extreme temperature, the phone is too high or too low will lead to automatic shutdown of the phone.

Second, the automatic shutdown, the charge needs to charge for a long time before you can boot, the normal mobile phone charge a few minutes you can boot, and your phone at least 20-30 minutes after the automatic boot. Of course, there is one exception, that is, long-term use of the phone also need a long time to activate the battery can not be activated, this situation does not belong to the battery failure.

Three, your iphone 6 power used only one percent of the time, you charge will find that charge for a long time, the power is still one percent, has been one percent, and then will suddenly jump to five Above, the battery is full of speed faster than ordinary mobile phones, but the power is brush.

If the user's iphone 6 battery appears above these three phenomena, then your cell phone battery is running out of battery life, in this case, should replacement iphone 6 battery as early as possible.