Some of the wrong way to charge the phone will cause irreversible damage to the battery, but also shorten the life of the phone. Here to iphone 6, for example, to introduce several iphone 6 battery more durable method?

Iphone 6 battery is not durable? From five aspects to improve

One, 50% of electricity is the "Kan children"

In the previous concept, the battery should be used to go below 20% will be better, but these principles apply to the nickel battery. Now the phone is basically lithium batteries, for this battery, if you often let the phone from full power to 20% or even automatically shut down, but will be some damage to the battery.

Because each battery in the "end of life" before a certain number of charging cycles. A charge cycle means that the power from full to full consumption exhausted. So, if you always wait for the phone to run out after charging, then no doubt it reduces the battery life cycle.

The correct way to keep the battery as much as 50% of the electricity, and the power should be less than 50% should be charged.

Iphone 6 battery

Second, do not put the battery "fed" too full

Some people say that mobile phone battery charge to 100% and then continue to charge a period of time will be better, the actual is not the case. If the battery is still charged after charging, such as plug in the charger to go to bed, then pull down the morning, it will cause a little decline in battery performance, such as a long time will cause significant impact. The best way to do this is to pack 100% of the time, unplug the charging line. In order to avoid continuing to charge the battery damage, the phone is best not always connected to the power line.

Third, iphone 6 battery is afraid of heat

There are common sense of small partners are clear, lithium batteries are most afraid of heat, if the average temperature of the environment is 40 ℃, then the cell phone battery capacitance loss than the average temperature is 25 ℃ increased by 35%, the loss will increase with the temperature , The higher the ambient temperature, the battery damage will continue to increase, is not feeling very shocking?

The correct practice So, in the daily use of the phone should be away from heat, not to be placed in the car by the sun direct.

Fourth, never let the power down to 0

When we use the phone, often because it can not be charged in time to zero power. In fact, when the power really to 0, the battery will appear unstable, and even charge the state of danger.

Perhaps we do not know, in order to prevent prolonged unused battery explosion, lithium ion has a natural "self-destruction program" so that completely drained battery reimbursement. The correct approach This mechanism is great for security, but it is only a little effort to do it. Also we need to pay attention to is not to let the battery idle for too long or used too clean like.

5, try to avoid fast charging

Some phones have a quick charge setting that allows you to charge at least 50% of electricity in half an hour. But this is actually very hurt lithium battery, it is in the low-speed, constant speed of the state of charge is the most longevity.

The correct way to use the regular low-voltage charger when charging is the most sensible, to avoid the fast charge damage the battery.

In the final analysis, only let the phone in an ideal state, but the loss of wear and tear, pay attention to temperature, etc., in order to make mobile phone to play even better performance in order to do more with it can be more liking.

And long-term incorrect charging method will make our battery life shortened and become very durable.

Above these methods for prolonging the life of the iphone 6 batteries very helpful, recommend that users can follow suit.For user battery has been damaged, of course, there is only a replacement iphone 6 battery.