Apple launched the iphone, performance generation stronger than the generation, but the user is concerned about the battery life problems, but has not been improved. For iphone users, had to endure the phone one day a charge, or even three days of trouble. Then as a smart phone in the wind to the representative, why iphone battery so durable it? Perhaps know the truth, it will make you feel more embarrassing.

The truth is that no matter how Apple's efforts to improve the capacity of iphone batteries, how to optimize, after all, can not overcome the speed of our consumption of electricity.
Why do you say this way? This is because the mobile phone battery life at the same time, the function of smart phones is also progressing, so the power consumption caused by the phone is even greater, which is why the iphone battery is not the root cause of the battery.

To know that the battery life progress, smart phone manufacturers to their own products to add more features, such as: a larger screen, more gorgeous display, more interesting applications, mobile phone touch screen function also changed More and more cumbersome, these features and configuration anytime, anywhere in the partition of our iPhone is not easy to increase that endurance, battery continued to improve, but the iPhone has become increasingly powerful, between the two has reached a Kind of balance.

Therefore, for us, to make their own iphone battery more durable, and now our only hope is that battery technology can have a breakthrough, but unfortunately, according to the current development of the major manufacturers point of view, short-term mobile phone Battery technology is difficult to have a big breakthrough. Therefore, for us, the current can only endure the iphone battery day charge situation.