Iphone 6 from the release has been more than two years ago, the user, his phone can be very good performance, but the only drawback is that the battery may die, this time many people think of to replace a battery, The life of the phone.

However, the first user to know how to check their iphone 6 battery to die? Intuitive judgments, there is some software to determine whether the battery is to be replaced. Under normal circumstances, iPhone 6 battery capacity should be less than 80% of the battery

iphone 6 replacement battery

IPhone 6 old machine replacement battery, choose a regular channel more reliable!

Then replace the iphone 6 batteries where to replace?For users, still had better go to apple store service center to replace the battery, but the downside is that the price is very expensive., of course, if you are a beginning ability strong user, also can choose the regular online mall to buy the iphone 6 replacement battery, to change, such as: mpbatt online mall is trustworthy.