Many iPhone 6 users in the actual use of the process, you can run into the phone does not charge this phenomenon, which is no doubt that they are very scared, afraid of their mobile phone hardware problems. In fact, for this situation, the user completely unnecessary so panic, here to share with you a few iPhone 6 can't charge the solution, if the user's iphone 6 not into the power, may wish to try the following solution.

IPhone 6 don't enter the power

IPhone 6 don't enter the power of a number of solutions, together to learn

Poor contact

1, first check the bottom of the iPhone 6 charging interface and the data cable is in good contact, if the contact will lead to failure can not charge.

2, check the bottom of the phone interface, whether there is foreign body blockage, resulting in poor contact with the data line.

Computer charging

3, if you are currently using the computer to charge the iPhone, you can try for a USB jack. If you change the socket or not, then the computer to restart, or change the computer to try.

Replace the charger or data cable

4, try to replace the data cable or charger, there may be data lines or charger failure, respectively, to identify what is the problem.

restart cellphone

5, if the above several methods have tried, or not, then it is recommended to turn off the phone and then try. Sometimes the iPhone 6 itself is in chaos, and it can lead to no charge.

Temperature problem

6, iPhone 6 battery is particularly sensitive to temperature, in some low temperature areas, such as the degree of zero degrees, in this case may be due to the temperature is too low can not charge. If it is due to the temperature is too low and can not charge, you can put the iPhone 6 into a warm place, and so on to the temperature and then charge it.

Mobile phone hardware failure

7, if the above reasons are excluded, there may be the phone's own hardware problems, such as battery damage. If you need to replace the battery, you can choose Apple to replace the center aftermarket. Of course, for hands-on ability of users, you can also buy their own online iphone 6 replacement battery, to replace their own, which is one of the most cost-effective solution.