Many iphone users are strongly recommended not to use their own mobile phone to shut down and then recharge, because it will seriously damage the battery. What is the reason for this? Here we come to understand the reasons for it!

do you know? Iphone used to shut down the maximum harm

This is because in the functional phone era, most of the phone is the use of nickel-cadmium batteries. This battery will have a memory effect, in the past in order to avoid the memory effect caused by the battery capacity reduction, we use the machine will run out of the battery will be charged when the charge should be filled with full use, that is, commonly known as "Full of full".

However, into the era of intelligent machines, mobile phone batteries are used lithium polymer battery, lithium battery itself has no memory effect, so do not need the original nickel-chromium and nickel-metal hydride batteries as full of full release. On the contrary, a long time to make the phone in a low battery or even no power off the state, will only cause harm to the phone, but also lead to the battery in a short time to lose normal working ability.

Due to the characteristics of the lithium battery itself, when the battery is dead, the phone will still have a small amount of electricity storage, lithium battery power will automatically consume with time, after this small part of the power is exhausted, the battery will automatically enter the depth of discharge , The battery activity will decline, over time will lead to the phone can not charge.

Some users may have found that the battery runs out of charge after the iPhone shut down after charging, it is not immediately boot, when the battery charge to about 10% in order to normal boot. Apple is also designed to avoid the phone in low-power mode work to damage the battery health. And some brands of mobile phones in the absence of electricity can still be switched on after the emergency use, in fact, the damage to the mobile phone battery is very large And iPhone shutdown is basically no longer boot the use, this is to avoid the user's non-normal operation lead to unnecessary loss of the battery.

Therefore, the user in the daily use of mobile phones, should try to avoid the iPhone power consumption and shutdown, so as to better protect the phone battery, and will not suffer prematurely serious loss.